Vision and Mission

Nearly a quarter century ago, Sun was founded with one driving mission – The Network Is The Computer. A vision of connecting everything, no matter who built it, and everyone , no matter where they are. Today, Sun is taking this to one step further. It’s all about sharing and innovating in order to design and develop the best technologies that drive the Participation Age.

Areas of Operation

Sun Microsystems powers the increasingly interactive and collaborative Participation Age with breakthrough products, technologies and services that our customers need to connect to the opportunities created by the Participation Age. Solaris 10 is our primary technology, which is available to all customers at no cost and open sourced. Sun’s hardware platforms that support open system architecture and standards offer UltraSPARC T1 processor as well as Intel Xeon and AMD Opteron processor choices.


Systems: Our X64 based multi-OS servers are setting new standards for power efficiency and performance. Our new UltraSPARC T1 processor with CoolThreads technology is the industry’s first multithreaded processor designed for eco-responsibility. With the high-performance, energy-efficient UltraSPARC T1 processor our Sun Fire servers will set new industry standards in power, cooling and performance.

Storage: Sun is a storage market leader; we protect and manage more digital archived data around the world than any other company (approximately 37% of all archived data). With a comprehensive portfolio of storage and data management products, coupled with world-class service, Sun provides integrated solutions that enable customers to simplify their IT infrastructure, reduce costs, and manage data intelligently and securely from creation to deletion.

Software: Sun’s software strategy is simple: provides the customers with easy, no-cost access to the enterprise software they need. That’s why Sun offers a proven portfolio of open, integrated, and interoperable software, available individually or as a complete system, that runs across multiple platforms and environments.

Services: Sun provides a worldwide services portfolio designed for reliability, availability, manageability, serviceability, and growth. Sun’s services scale with technology rather than consultants, helping customers focus on their core needs.

Sun Microsystems

"Sun supplies hardware needs of organizations as a one complete solution with combining SUN's unique technology and style."