Sarus® e-health platform has been designed and developed within a World Bank financed R&D project and covers all modules and functionalities required to automate all the business work-flows within an healthcare environment, utilized especially for primary, secondary and tertiary healthcare institutions.

Sarus® is the first and so far the only 100% web-based solution having seamless and embedded work-flow engine, in Turkey and in near region with its successfully operational up-and-running sites.

Sarus® is based on a native integral system that is all modules share all necessary data and information naturally. All the modules are natively integrated at both process and data level, and share a single, unified data repository, helping healthcare enterprise to have a longitudinal patient record and eliminating the burden of redundant data entry.  Besides this, Sarus® with its embedded workflow based engine, is a fully native workflow based system which makes Sarus® platform and all its applications, subsystems and modules  highly flexible, extensible, sustainable and survivable system, which enables the health enterprise to save its investment not only for today but also for the future.

Sarus® with its flexible, robust and proven structure having lots of standards and rich functionalities, has been designed for the use of healthcare professionals covering all stakeholders in healthcare domain from service providers to the payers and the end-users within the scope of their defined roles and authorities in a high security environment and with an 7/24 availability and accessibility level.

Sarus® 100% web-based structure provides common and standard interfaces with a high level of user-friendness which allows stress-free installation and dramatically reduces the needs for comprehensive operation and maintenance services while eliminating the vendor dependency. The adapting and modeling flexibility of the system with the existing and/or any revised business flows significantly reduces the orientation of the new users the system and hence reduces the training and operational cost of the system.


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