EES, as an IT company, was founded in 2003 to develop medium and large scale turn-key projects and to provide related consulting, designing, developing, implementing, operating and maintaining services with its unique experiences especially in medical informatics and healthcare information technology. EES becomes a leading player in healthcare IT market with its numerous state-of-the art applications successfully implemented throughout the country.

EES is located and providing its main services in Bilkent University Cyberpark in Ankara, which is the biggest and most equipped R&D technology center in Turkiye providing an effective R&D environment which utilizes high technology and motivates for the strong collaboration with the universities with an atmosphere that creates native synergy with the highest quality and the latest technology.

EES is seriously and closely following the progress in technology especially for medical informatics in order to improve and enhance its existing service quality and also utilize its extensive experiences to create new innovative solutions in healthcare IT.  EES is a real innovator company which produces and invents technologies with its  extensive experience, knowledge and 100% referenceable successful implementations in healthcare IT market. With its proven R&D capability, EES also aims to develop and present new technologies and solutions by performing detailed research and development activities both on software technologies and also medical informatics domain.

EES has more than 130 employees about %80 is technical with an extensive expertise in healthcare domain composed of business analysts, domain experts, system designers,  software engineers, IHIMS specialists, training an implementation experts etc.  All members of EES have the strong capabilities, know-how and field experiences on almost each single component of healthcare ecosystem to provide the required and expected quality for their clients. This potential combined with the company’s philosophy turns EES into an eligible and trusted partner and also an international player to provide medium and large-scale platform and solution free services in healthcare domain.

EES, with its impressive growing rate resulting mainly from the highly reputable and successful projects, was awarded as the 11th fastest growing company in Turkey (actually the first within HIT companies) amongst more than 500 national IT companies in Deloitte’s Technology Fast50 Turkey 2009 and 2010 Programs. Moreover, EES was also selected as the 123rd and 165th fastest growing company in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region in Deloitte’s Technology Fast500 EMEA 2009 Program and Fast500 EMEA 2010 Program correspondingly.


To present cutting-edge technologies with highest quality of services to achieve utter-most satisfaction.


To be a worldwide leader in our domain in terms of our proven and robust technologies, reliable methodologies and innovative approaches.


Our main values are innovation, investment in expertise, continuous progress and improvements, reliability, productivity, quality, dependency on business ethics, value added cooperation with our customers and project partners.

Solutions tailored for you

"EES provides smart and permanent solutions to organizations with 15 years of experience. EES is an expert at mission critical processes and provides customized technology for you."